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Founded in 2003, Aliança Bike (Bike Alliance) brings together companies among manufacturers, importers, suppliers, distributors and retailers of bicycles, accessories and parts, as well as associations, institutions and individuals that promote the use of bicycles. We strive to encourage and provide the sustainable use of bicycles as a way of effective locomotion in Brazil.

Our goal is to stimulate bicycle use, lowering the barriers of access that currently exist. Among the ways to accomplish this work, we believe the creation of a communication channel acknowledged by the government can act as a great catalyst for public policies that promote this way of transportation.  

Since the establishment of the Association, we act in various work fronts, such as tax laws, certification of parts, strengthening of retail and fighting together with the government for the IPI exemption for bikes and parts.

It has been three years since we have been promoting Brazil Cycle Fair, already considered the largest bicycle fair in Latin America. In 2013, the event had the participation of 160 professionals, 600 brands and over 14,000 visitors, generating 77 million in business, besides contacts and strategic partnerships.

Our performance also directly affects the civil society, to the extent that the topics on which we operate are fundamental for the development of urban mobility. The reduction of IPI seeks to make bicycles more accessible to the population, encouraging its use as a means of transport and, thus, reducing the environmental impact of the transport chain in Brazil and increasing the quality of life.

Our Projects and actions are the result of studies, surveys and conversations held together with our associates and partners, almost 80 members already.




Building a representative voice and act as an agent of development for the sustainable growth of cycling.


We believe in the value of the bicycle as a catalyst in the evolution of society.


Optimism, Cooperation, Action, Responsibility.


We aim as a major goal to promote and enable the use of bicycles through a strategy of solid performance, based on certain assumptions and actions:

● Promote the development and qualification of the supply of bikes, accessories, parts and accessories chain.

● Expand and disseminate the positive social impacts of the supply chain industry.

● Mobilizing public and private agents, as well as the society towards reducing barriers to access and use of bicycles.

To know more details about our plan targets for the biennium 2014-2015 and to have more information about the association, visit the downloadable content related to this topic.


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